Tiffany Yong

I am a second year undergraduate at McGill University, studying Economics, and a weird blend of Mathematics and Statistics.

I like to call myself a curious person. I am particularly interested in game theory, data science, good design and working effectively with people.

I have also had the distinct pleasure of making pipe dreams come to life alongside some other amazing people on the Society for Undergraduate Mathematics Students, McGill Diversity in Math, and the Economics Students Association.

In my free time, you can find me connecting with cool people, going down my newest rabbit-hole of ideas, or throwing a glorified plastic plate into the air at high speeds.

Contact me to talk about research, paper towel dispenser design, the best food in Singapore, or anything else you're passionate about!


COVID-19 Twitter Discourse Analysis, a report analysing tweet data to understand common topics surrounding COVID-19, and reasons for vaccine hesitancy, with Yufeng and Youyuan. Discord Automator, a bot that automatically clicks to mass create, delete and modify Discord channels and roles, when I got tired of clicking. SUMS Notes Bank, a place to contribute notes and find notes for MATH coded classes at McGill University, with Anna. Policy suggestions and background paper for the 2020 UN Internet Governance Forum, under the Greening the Internet subgroup for the German Informatics Society. C the speed of light, an interactive visualisation of lorentzian transforms in special relativity, with Shereen and Mia. Epidemic Simulator, an online website that shows a simple model of the exponential spread of a virus, with Shereen, Omar and Alex. Coding the ground station descent simulator for the McGill Rocket Team, simulating heatmaps for likely rocket landing spots.

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